Like! Ukraine’s interior minister on Facebook

Among the more absurd facets of this whole Ukraine mess is the fact that Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, the man who very well may order Interior Ministry troops to engage with Russian paramilitaries in the Crimea, is using Facebook as a platform for releasing statement, sharing legal documents and disseminating various news tidbits.

While you’re at it, you can peruse his tastes in music: Elton John! John Lennon! Yuri Shchevchuk!

Oh, and he happens to like a 1961 romantic film starring Ingrid Bergman called “Goodbye Again,” too.


I recognize the reality of mass communication in the age of social media. This is how it’s done, like it or not. But still, it’s a tad odd to be reading posted documents about the bribes paid by the Yanukovych government for the purposes of building a “running boar” statue at his Kiev Versailles palace, and having random people “like!” the posting.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled, Russian-induced geopolitical crisis…


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